The South Jersey Network

Our mission is to inspire and nurture relationships among businesses and their potential customers and suppliers through a professionally-supported family of business owners and representatives. SJN offers structured networking with focused presentations and testimonials, business card exchanges, email correspondence, and monthly social gatherings, with the ultimate goal to grow business within the SJN community.


A Message from the Founder

There’s something special about South Jersey Network that’s apparent as soon as you meet our members. You automatically feel part of our close-knit group.  As you know, that’s not so easy to achieve when you first walk into a room. But at SJN, we pride ourselves on being warm, welcoming and supportive to familiar faces and new members alike.

I started this group to help the local businessman—or woman—grow his or her business. The economy, increased competition from corporate chains, and consumers making purchases outside of Atlantic County, were real challenges impacting all of us. I knew that through word-of-mouth networking and business referrals, we could make a difference.

In just a short time, the South Jersey Network has surpassed even my grandest expectations. The warm, welcoming feeling that greets everyone is a result of the energy and enthusiasm of our members. We are a family of businesses, with the goal to help each other succeed. You’ll find that our dedication, loyalty and professionalism are second to none.

Welcome to a whole new way of doing business. Welcome to the South Jersey Network.

– Dr. David Sarnoff