Benefits of Joining SJN

  • Who We Are

    The largest networking group of it's kind in New Jersey

  • What We Do

    We help you build your business and your networking circle

  • Membership Rates

    Our fees are among the lowest

  • Our Goals

    Improve your networking skills to help you make more money

Join Our Network

South Jersey Network

A Whole New Way of doing Business

The South Jersey Network is a professional business leads organization with a ‘family feel.’ Founded on August 26, 2008, SJN is designed to give local business the opportunity to do business locally, in southern New Jersey.

Membership is limited to one representative for each profession, ensuring a diverse group and virtually limitless possibilities for meeting new niche market segments for your business. Each member follows the highest professional standards for his or her business. Professional courtesies and discounts within the group are often applied.

Members commit to regular attendance at SJN meetings, held twice a month. The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. The second Tuesday meeting is a networking luncheon, held at the Vagabond Kitchen at McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links. The fourth meeting is an evening networking reception from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at various venues throughout Atlantic County.

Satisfied Clients

Jessica Shaak
Solar Representative

"SJN is by far the best networking group I've ever been associated with; I've forged lifelong friendships within this group and had the pleasure to offer many members my services and in turn utilize the products and services they offer "

Tom Giacinto
Vice President Marketing,The Title Company of Jersey

“ Just love the way SJ Network members exchange leads and support each other like Family . All while only meeting twice per month as an entire group “  …. Founding Member Since 2007    

Eric Lee
Heartland Payroll/HR Services

“I’ve been part of various networking groups in the past 15 years… SJN by far has been the most supportive, flexible, and best ROI in building relationships & increasing business."